Serving ALL who served:   The mission of the Pennsylvania Veterans Foundation (PVF) is to provide assistance and support to Pennsylvania veterans and their families.


Make every day Veterans Day. Find a Veteran.  Shake his or her hand, and give them thanks for your freedom and their sacrifice. For all those who have come before us, to all those currently serving, and for all those yet to join us, thank you. There is no profession more noble than the Profession of Arms.

Click here to read a newspaper article about how the PVF tries to make every day Veterans Day

Chairman’s Message on Volunteering.   We have been receiving emails and comments about the recent CBS News story and the NY Times article on this non-profit. Well, you judge using the adjective "non-profit" for yourself, we will not. We find it unprofessional to publicly bash those that help Veterans. If they are helping themselves, that is something you should discover on your own with research prior to donating. All non-profit IRS Form 990 are accessible by the public; it shows where the money goes. Some organizations spend millions on salaries, on conferences, on travel, and on their cause. If that is justified is your decision, we won't discuss the merits.

We can only share what we know to be fact. The Pennsylvania Veterans Foundation does not conduct conferences; we are too busy working. We do not pay for travel or any other compensation, our volunteers pay out of pocket. We don’t have any one that receives salary or wages or any benefits. Well, we all share the benefit of intrinsically loving what we do. You won’t see any famous people pitching for us on TV, you won’t find us on a ketchup bottle, or our logo on t-shirts and sweatshirts of brand name retailers. We don’t help just wounded, we help all veterans. We don’t help just Post 9/11 veterans, we help all eras from WW II to those in uniform. We also help surviving spouses and children. We help other PA non-profits that share our passion, our stingy spending, our volunteer work force. When you give us a dollar, we do everything possible to get all 100 pennies to the Veteran in need. Our admin rate is around 2%, we unfortunately must maintain insurance and an annual audit if we are to remain credible. Those companies charge us, although they should do it pro bono. We tried! And we won’t send you a blanket or a hat or a t-shirt if you donate to us. We will, however, send you a heartfelt thank you letter that you can use for tax purposes if you so desire.

There are a lot of great causes, Veteran support is our favorite and likewise to many of you. Use due diligence in researching where your money goes. We are sorry if you are shocked at these news clips and articles, or worse yet, are angry that you donated to these type organizations. Don’t be fooled by what you see and hear, research and then spend your precious dollars where they will be used as you intended. To help our Nation's heroes and their familes.

New and Noteworthy

Fourth Anniversary Celebration

The PVF awarded grants totaling $110,000 at its Fourth Anniversary Celebration (Art and Silent Auction) on Saturday, November 7th, at the Park Inn, Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg PA. These grants were given to  10 organizations that help veterans in a variety of ways. Click here to see a photo album.

Guests had the chance to bid on artwork in the live auction and baskets in the silent auction. In addition, Chairman Mike Gould gave his annual report on the state of the Foundation. Click here for a copy of the news release concerning this event.

Thanks, Turkey Hill,

A thank you note from our Chairman to Turkey Hill and all the sponsors and participants of the 2015 golf fundraiser. And a special Thank You to Kim Hertzog and Tom Maroon of Turkey Hill who serve as the Co-Chairs for this amazing, first class event.

“I want to personally thank everyone involved in this incredible event, from the Turkey Hill organizers, especially Kim and Tom, to the participants, sponsors, donors, this impeccable facility and its supportive staff.  This event, unlike any in the history of the Pennsylvania Veterans Foundation, provides more resources than any other effort, and enables us to help literally hundreds of Pennsylvania’s heroes and their family members.”  More...

Third Anniversary Gala

Read some thoughts on the 3rd Anniversary of the PVF by Chairman Mike Gould.   

Click here to view a photo album from the Gala.

 PVF Recognized by CFC and SECA If you are a federal employee, postal worker or member of the U.S. military, please remember to give to the PVF through your Combined Federal Campaign.  Our CFC Number is 37044.  If you are a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania employee, you will be able to give a donation to the PVF through the State Employees Combined Appeal (SECA).  Our SECA identification number is 8000-0248.


PA Veterans Foundation, PO Box 98, Annville, PA 17003