Serving ALL who served:   The mission of the Pennsylvania Veterans Foundation (PVF) is to provide assistance and support to Pennsylvania veterans and their families.


5th Anniversary Celebration: Please join us as we celebrate the Fifth Anniversary of the founding of the Pennsylvania Veterans Foundation. The celebration will be held on November 12, 2016 at the Carlisle Barracks... More

Read our Chairman’s statement on  Memorial Day,  Click here. 

News:  *Read about the 3rd Annual C.A. Mauger Memorial Golf Outing. Click here.

 Make every day Veterans Day. Find a Veteran.  Shake his or her hand, and give them thanks for your freedom and their sacrifice. For all those who have come before us, to all those currently serving, and for all those yet to join us, thank you. There is no profession more noble than the Profession of Arms.

 PVF Recognized by CFC and SECA.  If you are a federal employee, postal worker or member of the U.S. military, please remember to give to the PVF through your Combined Federal Campaign.  Our CFC Number is 37044.  If you are a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania employee, you will be able to give a donation to the PVF through the State Employees Combined Appeal (SECA).  Our SECA identification number is 8000-0248.


PA Veterans Foundation, PO Box 98, Annville, PA 17003