In Memory Of:

The Pennsylvania Veterans Foundation gratefully acknowledges that donations to the Foundation have been made in memory of the following veterans and family members:

Robert H. Anthony

James W. Belardia

MAJ (Ret) Joseph Boccagno (U.S. Army,
Berks County Military Hall of Fame)

Dennis Bullock (USN, KIA Vietnam)

Robert W. Burgess

James P. Caulfield, Sr. (U.S. Army, Korea)

Edward Celkos, WWII

John Christopher

Robert Cowan (U.S. Army, WW II) 

Regimental Sergeant Major Clarence A. Deppen, 
Headquarters Company, 103rd Ammunition Train

Michael Federovitch

Girard (Jerry) Fitzgerald (Korean War)

Lt Col Donald Flanders (USAF)

Ronald Gilbert (U.S. Army, WW II) (POW)

Mary Gould (U.S. Army WAC, WWII)

Paul Gordon (U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII) (POW)

SGT Richard H. Gould (U.S. Army)

LTC J. Michael Griffard (U.S. Army)

Lt Col Francis E. Griffin (U.S. Air Force)

Maj Francis E. Griffin, Jr. (U.S. Air Force)

Stanley D. Grimm (U.S. Navy)

Howard Stanley Grimm (U.S. Army)

Gerald R. Grimm (U.S. Army)

Jobe Grimm, Jr. (U.S. Navy)

George R. Guise (U.S. Air Force)

SPC Walter Haftl  (In loving memory - Noah, Zach, Deb and Charlie Kratzer) 

Kevin Hardin (U.S. Army)

Walter Murray Harris

Jack Harte

William Harte

James F. Herb

Janet E. Hostetter

Sue Fritz Kenney (U.S. Army/PAARNG)

Mary Knight-Strong (USMC)

Richard Landers

Francis “Frank” Lashinsky (Army Air Corps, WWII)

William Francis Le Grand (U.S. Army)

(In loving memory of) William E. Mathiot

Clyde (Bud) Mauger III

Bill Mayer (CSM, US Army)(VFW Post 8896)

LTC Mike McLaughlin (PAARNG)

LTC Shawn Mell  (PAARNG and PSP)

James Montague, Jr. (USN, Vietnam)

Michael Pehonsky, Sr.  (U.S. Army)

Helen Pelly

Connie Phillips, beloved wife of Arlington

Enso Pisaneschi (U.S. Army)

Merrill R. Ramsdal (U.S. Navy, Korean War Veteran)

Joseph M. Rees (KIA, Vietnam, 4-7-68)

Robert Reeser (U.S. Army, WWII)

Jack V.  Riegel

John P. Ruggles

William C. "Bill" Roush

Bob Rush (U.S. Navy)

Harold Savidge

Dominic Savine

2nd Lt Scott Semmel (U.S. Air Force)

Dennis Smith (USMC)

James Thomas Smith

COL (Ret) Gary Solander (U.S. Army)

Matthew Henry Steller

James M. Stinson

Norman E. Strotman (WWII & Korean War)

Samuel Taylor (USMC)

Donald O. Tilley (U.S. Army)

Clarence Walters

James C. Wilmes (U.S. Navy, Vietnam)

Jessie Zimmerman

 Pennsylvania National Guard Soldiers Killed in Action Since 9/11/2001

The Pennsylvania National Guard Associations has made a donation in memory of the Pennsylvania National Guard Soldiers who gave their lives in active federal service since 11 September 2001.


     Stanley D. Grimm (USN)            Howard S. Grimm (USA)

Bob Rush  (USN)                    Jobe Grimm, Jr. (USN)        William LeGrand

pvfEnso Pisaneschi - ArmybKevin Hardin forever in our hearts (2)

                                                                               Enso Pisanesch

PA Veterans Foundation, PO Box 98, Annville, PA 17003