Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What kinds of assistance is offered by the PVF?

A.  The PVF offers assistance in two forms:  

  • Organizational grants to non-profit charitable organizations that serve Pennsylvania veterans and their families.
  • Individual grants to veterans in need of temporary assistance.

Q.  How does a veteran in need of temporary assistance apply for a grant?

A.  A veteran in need should contact his or her county director of veterans affairs or his nearest VA medical center social work office for information about applying.  The Foundation uses a simple application form, which needs to be filled out, signed and submitted along with documentation, including copies of bills,  to verify the financial circumstances.  This information should be submitted to the PVF through the county director.

Q.  Who is my county director of veterans affairs and where do I find his or her office?

A.  Click here for a list of all PA County Directors of Veterans Affairs.

Q. How much does the Foundation pay in individual grants?

A.  The amount of the grant is based on the documented need of the applicant.  The Foundation is a relatively new charity with limited resources.  We can't help everybody with grants as large as they request.  In our first years of operation, grants have averaged about $1,000 depending on the need and the judgment of the board of directors as to whether the grant will make a difference.

Q.  Who approves and disapproves grants and determines the amount?

A.  All grant applications are reviewed and verified by the county directors or VA staff.  They are reviewed for completeness by  the PVF chairman.  Complete applications are reviewed individually by each of the five members of the Foundation's Board of Directors.  They vote and determine the amount of the grants.

Q.  What factors are considered?

A.  Each grant is reviewed individually based on the facts and circumstances.  Key factors include the documented need of the veteran, the impacts the grant will have, the nature of the need and the like.  No two cases are alike and all applications are given careful consideration.

Q. How long does it take to receive assistance?

A.  Once the Foundation receives a completed application with all the supporting documentation, the Board acts very quickly and we usually can provide an answer within  two or three business days.

Q.  Can a veteran apply for assistance online?

A. No.  We want all applicants to work with their county directors of veterans affairs and to submit a complete paper application with supporting documentation.  By working with the county director, the veteran (applicant) can be referred for other forms of assistance and benefits that may be available.

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