MOPH Donates $60,000

Military Order of the Purple Heart Continues Five Star Support

Once again, the Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH) has stepped up to demonstrate its support, confidence, and partnership with the Pennsylvania Veterans Foundation (PVF).  with a donation of $60,000 to the PVF in July 2014. To date, the MOPH has donated over $195,000 to the mission of the PVF.  In terms of the average grant given by the Foundation, that is over 195 Veterans and their families that have been granted hope and money for survival.  

Why does the MOPH, one of the smallest if not the smallest Veterans organizations in Pennsylvania, continue to give such large donations to the Foundation?  “A couple reasons”, state their leadership.  “First, we know that the money gets to the Veterans who need it most.  Second, similar to our organization, the Pennsylvania Veterans Foundation is totally volunteers, no one gets paid.  We appreciate that the money is spent on the Veteran.”

Last calendar year, the Foundation granted over $180,000 to Veterans of Pennsylvania that found themselves in crisis situations.  The support of the MOPH, other organizations, and individual donations helps provide needed services to the nearly one million Veterans in Pennsylvania. 

 The PVF is receiving more and more grant requests every day, yet fewer donations.  From January 2014 to present day, the Foundation averages 30 assisted Veterans a month at a cost of over $20,000 every month.  In January, 31 Veterans and their families received help, totaling $30,000 in grants.  These dollars save lives and grant hope.  Yet the PVF must still turn down almost 50% of the applicants because their needs just can’t be met because others are in more critical situations.  The goal is to help them all; there just aren’t enough resources.  Unfortunately, just like combat, the Board of Directors must perform triage of who has the most urgent need. 

 Please share with your friends, business associates, and family members the benefits of donating to the Pennsylvania Veterans Foundation.  All donations, large or small, have the potential to enable or even save the life of a Veteran in Pennsylvania.  As the Military Order of the Purple Heart has noted, no one that works with the Foundation gets paid; the money gets to the Veteran in need.  That is the Foundation’s way of taking care of those less fortunate.

The PVF again thanks the MOPH not only for their contribution and continuing support, but also for all the work their organization does to support Veterans.  For more information on the MOPH, please visit their website.  Together, we are making a difference one Veteran at a time.                                                                                                                                             











PA Veterans Foundation, PO Box 98, Annville, PA 17003